Openbravo Forge End of Life Notice

Dear Openbravo Forge User,

Because of continued very low usage we decided to stop the following services on 31st of August 2017:

In case of question: webmaster "at"
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Forge user manual

The Forge user manual provides a high level definition of how to achieve tasks with the Forge.

  1. Introduction
    • What is Openbravo Forge
    • Openbravo Forge benefits
    • Overview of main services
    • Projects directory
  2. Getting Started
    • Register a user
    • Register a project
    • Register a project for reference
    • Registering projects checklist
  3. User Settings
    • My Profile
    • How to change my settings
  4. Manage
    • User roles & permissions
    • How to manage permissions
    • Deleting a project
    • Activating external tools
  5. Communicate
    • News
    • Forums
    • RSS feeds and Google Gadgets
  6. Developing Your Module
    • Source control
    • Bug tracking
    • Documentation
  7. Publishing Your Module
    • Download area
    • How to register a module within the Forge
    • Publish files
  8. Selling Your Module
    • How to list a module in the Exchange
    • Requirements for acceptance in the Exchange

Forge usage scenarios

The Forge usage scenarios explains how to maximize the usage of the Forge in different scenarios