Openbravo Forge End of Life Notice

Dear Openbravo Forge User,

Because of continued very low usage we decided to stop the following services on 31st of August 2017:

In case of question: webmaster "at"
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You can see the User manual in:

English: Media:User_Manual_-_Openbravo-Sugar_Integration_-_English.pdf

Spanish: Media:Manual_usuario_-_Integración_Openbravo-Sugar_-_Spanish.pdf‎

The next images are screenshots of the module:

The first step is to create a new synchronization setup:

Synchronization Setup.jpg

After creating the synchronization, the next step is to create different synchronization points. Each synchronization point will correspond to a table to be synchronized:

2.-Synchronization Point Setup.jpg

The next step is configure the mapping of fields that you want to synchronize Openbravo and external application (SugarCRM):

Synchronization Point Datas Setup.jpg

This tab is stored for each sync point identifier identifies the Openbravo - External Application (SugarCRM) ID's. These pairs represent the relationships between Openbravo records and records of the external application (SugarCRM).

Synchronization Point History.jpg

In this read-only tab, errors will be recorded as they occur during the synchronization process. Each record in the window represents the errors occurred in a sync point throughout the day.

Synchronization Point Log.jpg

This tab will be stored records which for some reason have not been able to sync from the external application to Openbravo.

8.-Synchronization Pending Records.jpg

Now, you can see an example of one alert generated by de synchronization proccess due to an sync error:

Synchronization Error Alerts.jpg

And now, the trace of the sync error in the LOG file:

Synchronization Point Log File.jpg

Furthermore, the module is compatible with Openbravo 3.0 from version 3.0.0:

9.-Synchronization Setup 3.0 en US.jpg

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