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Ordersawaitingdlivery/User Manual 1.0.1



About this user manual

This manual explains how to take benefit of the Orders Awaiting Delivery report within Openbravo ERP.

This User Manual is valid for the version 1.0.1 of the Orders Awaiting Delivery module which depends on Openbravo ERP version 2.50 MP10.

Getting started

Installing Openbravo ERP

The first step is to install Openbravo ERP version 2.50 MP10 (or higher).

Installing the Orders Awaiting Delivery module

After Openbravo ERP is up and running, install the Orders Awaiting Delivery module:

  1. Log into the system using the System Administrator role.
  2. Navigate to General Setup > Application > Module Management.
  3. Click one the Add Modules tab and find the Orders Awaiting Delivery module within the list of all modules available in the central repository.

A detailed guide on how to install a new module can be found in the Install Module video.


Using the Orders Awaiting Delivery module

Creating data

Orders Awaiting Delivery report will retrieve (query) sales orders data, specifically, data of sales orders which have not been totally shipped yet. In other words, sales orders which have lines that do not correspond to any goods shipment line.

So let's create some sales orders, shipping some of the lines and some not:

Retrieving data

Now that data are ready, let's query them using to the Orders Awaiting Delivery report inside Sales Management > Analysis Tools.


Use the Document No. filter field typing 500 then click on PDF Format button to obtain the report showing the second and third sales orders created grouped by business partners and orders. Detailed data are:


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