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Because of continued very low usage we decided to stop the following services on 31st of August 2017:

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Openbravo Mobile is an investigation project that explore the capabilities of accessing data using Openbravo ERP REST web services and showing this data in HTML5 capable devices.

This is a very simple application for sales men to allow them to have the list of products with details like the category and the unit of measure of the product (UOM). And with the ability to change the prices shown between all price lists available. It works completely offline and has the ability to refresh the data when the device is online.

The main development platform is the iPod touch and iPhone, but it also works on Android and other desktop web browsers Like Firefox, Safari and Google chrome. It does not work on Internet Explorer because it lacks on the HTML 5 features Openbravo Mobile relies on.


Download the latest deployable .war file version from the Project Download page and deploy it in the same application server Openbravo ERP is deployed. Openbravo ERP and Openbravo Mobile must be under the same domain because of the policy of web browsers not allowing javascript to execute http requests from other domains different of the loaded document.

After the application is deployed, to configure Openbravo Mobile, open the file js/configuration.js and set the openbravo_context to the context of Openbravo ERP. For example if you access Openbravo ERP using the URL http://localhost/openbravo the value of the openbravo_context must be /openbravo.

After it is configured, just access to the Openbravo Mobile using your prefered device. In our example http://localhost/openbravo-mobile.


Adrián Romero's corporate blog


The project I am developing here is done in the personal investigation time I have reserved during development sprints and it is not in the roadmap of Openbravo ERP and there is not commitment from Openbravo to his partners, customers or community related to the availability or support of this project

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