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Dear Openbravo Forge User,

Because of continued very low usage we decided to stop the following services on 31st of August 2017:

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Openbravoforgesupport/Help/User Settings

My Profile

In the main toolbox (left column - top box) there is a link that goes to your personal profile.

It's a really useful page that allows you to see within a single page your more recent activity, and thus you can use it as a shortcut to go to recent activities you have done recently.

With this view you have four main sections:

You can also go to your public page, a page with public information about yourself, and edit your settings (see next section). There are a pair of tabs above the for sections mentioned before that gives access to these other pages.

How to change my settings

After registering you are able to change some of your settings (you can not change your username for example), but most of them can be changed. To do so, when logged in, go to your my profile and then click on the Account Maintenance tab.

There are three tabs there:

User details

You are not able to change any field in the User details tab, you have to click on the Update Profile link that is above the form fields.

Clicking at this link redirects to the SSO (Single Sign-On) page where you can edit your personal data. Remember to fill the mandatory fields (marked with a green *).

Note that at the bottom of the form you can choose to which Openbravo services (Openbravo Forge, Openbravo issue tracker and Openbravo wiki) you want to be enabled. This means that with the same account you fill issues in the Openbravo issue tracker your are also able to enhance the Openbravo wiki and collaborate on the Openbravo Forge.

Date and Time Preferences

Within this field you can select your timezone and the time and date formats you want to see dates and times throughout Openbravo Forge.

Forum Signature

You can also add or modify the signature to display in Openbravo Forge forums. Maybe you want to put your company's website information, some text as advertisement of the projects you are working on or maybe just a fun quote from Groucho Marx.

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