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This document describes the best practices and polices to apply in Openbravo Forge to develop and organize a localization project.

Many countries and regions have similar requirements, like sharing the same language or functional requirement. To be able to reuse localization components, we provide the following types of projects to enable functionality delivery:

We recommend that:


When registering your localization pack project for your region, we recommend to enable the following services in Openbravo Forge:

For localization packs, we suggest to discard the usage of the rest of the services that the Forge provides.

Additionally, we recommend:

are released since you can already download files published in the central repository.


When registering your localization modules, we recommend to enable the following services:

For localization modules, we suggest to discard the usage of the rest of the services that the Forge provides.

Additionally, we recommend:

Naming conventions


For naming localization projects we recommend the format Name of the country + Description, except for language modules that we recommend Language name + for + country.

For example, for Spain we use the following names:

Package names

The following table contains a description of the best practices when naming packages.

Contributor type Domain Contributor Contribution type Content Locale Example
The creator of the content Top level domain of the creator, for

example: com, org or edu

Creator’s name Select from: module, accounts,


Description of the content. If the

contribution is a translation then identify the language using ISO639_1

ISO 3166 country code of the locale

for which the contribution is intended

3rd party contributor com mycompany accounts small_company MX com.mycompany.accounts.small_company.MX
3rd party contributing under a specific code contribution agreement org openbravo translation es ES org.openbravo.translation.es_ES
Openbravo org openbravo module taxes es

* Please notice that, if your module is going to implement some Java classes, then no capital letters should appear in the package name. For example, will work, but org.openbravo.module.taxes.ES may give some problems, because do not fit Java naming conventions.

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