Openbravo Forge End of Life Notice

Dear Openbravo Forge User,

Because of continued very low usage we decided to stop the following services on 31st of August 2017:

In case of question: webmaster "at"
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Openbravo Forge provides the standard capabilities of any modern forum system. A highlight of some of the most relevant features:

Also project administrators can:


Projects can generate news items. News are usually used to announce an important milestone reach in the project, such as:

The news items are reflected in the Forge Main Page and they are visibility not a project level also at site level.

To create a new news item for your project, go to the News tab and select the option Create News. For there, you can create a new news entry.

RSS feeds and Google Gadgets

If you want to keep up-to-date with the Openbravo Forge activity you can use the RSS feeds (What is an RSS feed at Wikipedia) and the Google Gadgets.


There are two levels of RSS feeds.

Google Gadgets

You can also use a Google Gadget to keep up-to-date. You hav to go to Openbravo Google Gadgets. There you will find two Google Gadgets: like in RSS feeds there is a global one and another per-project specific. To use any of them just click on the small Plus google.gif icon below each Google Gadget to add it to your personalized Google homepage.

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