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Because of continued very low usage we decided to stop the following services on 31st of August 2017:

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Project description

The goal of this project is to extend Openbravo POS to use Windows Mobile Professional or Standard devices. It will import the data from Ob POS ( originally in Postgres, later MySql). This data will reside in a database using sqlite3. Later a program will allow to sync by ftp or using a USB cable connected to the WinMob device.

Openbravo POS GUI Modified

I created a branch out of the Ob POS source code to add some GUI functionality to manage the Windows Mobile PDAs

[Openbravo POS GUI Modified Download link]

[Openbravo POS GUI Modified wiki link]

Download from Sourceforge and installation

Click here to download Mobile POS

I am writing the specific link because the Sourceforge website contains three msi files, one for Desktop QuickBooks US integration, one for xTuple ERP, and one for Openbravo POS. Check when you download the file is like 14.8 megs. If for some reason it breaks and you only downloaded 5M, 8M. It is incomplete, you need the whole install file to work.

Here is a picture when you start installing

Openbravo Initial Install.png
Openbravo Initial Install 2.png
Openbravo Initial Install 3.png

When you run the software for the first time, I ask for a registration form.

Openbravo Initial Install 4.png

I will issue a unique key, allowing the trial/official license to run, depending on how many PDA will be used.

Initial Run

Here is a picture of the main program

Openbravo POS main windows.png

First Thing, Initial Data Load

When you click the top button, this will initiate the dialog for the initial data load. For now this will only works for Postgres Openbravo POS backend. You will need to login to Ob POS to start this process, your Postgres user name, your Postgres password, in what server (localhost?, ?) is located, the openbravo pos database name, port number.

In this picture,you can see my values, in your case this may change.

Initial Data Load

When Finish importing this will be the result

Initial Data Load Finish

Now click Cancel to go back.

Install Mobile POS on PDA

Here you will connect a person with his/her PDA

Select Salesman

Select Salesman

Make sure you have Windows Device Center connected to your PDA.

Here is a link to download WDC [Windows Device Center]

They have 32 bit, 64 bit Windows XP/Vista installs.

Here is a link to Download ActiveSync 4.5 for Windows XP or earlier [ActiSync]


You will install on main memory or on memory stick, this last choice preserve main device memory.

Memory Card ?


Import and Export Data from PDA on the cradle

This will show the User Roles. This will dictate how the PDA will behave.

Users Roles.png

Click Ok to accept these choices, and the data will go to the PDA by USB cable. This can be done once, later you can use Web Sync method to do this sync all the time.

Web Sync through FTP

Here is a picture, this will wait on your desktop for the PDA to do Web Sync. You can see on a window here all the logs. You can minimize this window to the tray, if you dont want it on your desktop.

Web Sync.png

PDA Pictures

I know, I know you are here for this. All the previous text just was to tease you. I will add some descriptions of what each module do. But like they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

On a Windows Mobile Professional device

On a Windows Mobile Standard device

I will add more pictures of the PDA some of then are on sourceforge website, or on my blog

More pictures

Mobile POS Development Link

[Mobile POS Development]

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