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Magento Openbravo Connector - Agility ERP


The Magento Openbravo Connector is a module for integrating Openbravo and Magento eCommerce systems. With this module you can synchronize customers, products and sales order from Magento into Openbravo ERP. Each synchronization process can be scheduled by time and frequency to be executed.


Magento is an open source eCommerce system providing an excellent foundation for managing an online shopping websites. While Magento offers excellent capabilities for merchandising, online shopping and payment processing... Magento does not offer the more advanced ERP features like inventory control, manufacturing and financial management.

These features can be provided in Magento environments using Openbravo ERP software. Here are scenarios where you may be interested in this capability:

The basic concept behind the Agility ERP Openbravo / Magento integration is that online customers and products can be managed in the Magento environment and the relevant product, customer and order information will be pulled into Openbravo for order fulfillment, consolidated reporting and inventory management. This allows independent management of your Magento eStore and Openbravo ERP environments.

Some additional characteristics include:

Implementation Details

ERP / Openbravo Data Requirement

For any ERP system to fully track financial transactions, it needs a core set of transactional and subordinate objects defined and kept current in that system.

In general, Accounts Receivable works against invoices generated from a sales order. In Openbravo, this is modified slightly in that each invoiced sales order also has a shipment object representing the pending or successful shipment of that order. In addition, each sales order references a customer business partner as well as a set of products. Moreover, specific inventory items for each selected product are also referenced.

For this integration, Openbravo will be set up just as it would for any ordinary / stand alone implementation as necessary to order and ship a product. You will also need to create a default sales price list and purchase price list. Actual prices and costs will then be synchronized from Magento.

Data Synchronization Approach

In this Agility ERP implementation, data between Magento and Openbravo is synchronized periodically rather than instantaneous and may lag by several minutes. This was done by choice to avoid a performance and/or integrity impact on the eStore end user if Openbravo was unavailable for any reason.

Products, sales orders and customers are synchronized as follows:

Magento APIs / Web Services

In order to successfully synchronize Sales orders, the following APIs or Web services have been added to Magento using the XML-RPC protocol already available in the Magento framework. Proper user authentication is utilized to prevent unauthorized access to the services.


A service that returns a list of sales Order IDs, qualified by an optional date / time parameter. This service is used to get the list of Sales orders created SINCE the supplied date and time.


This service returns the full details of a specified order ID. These details include a customer ID, order date/time and some number of order lines where each line includes a product ID, quantity, unit of measure and price. Ship-to and Bill-to addresses for the customer are also provided.


This service is used to save the Openbravo generated sale order id # into the Magento order for audit trail and verification that the order was successfully synchronized.


This service returns the name and description of a product from a specified product ID.


A service that returns all products that have changed since a specified date.


This service returns the name and description of a customer from a specified customer ID.

Openbravo Job Services

In order to successfully synchronize Sales orders, the following Openbravo Process Scheduler (Quartz) Jobs are provided in Openbravo. These processes utilize the Openbravo Data Access Layer provided in the Openbravo 2.50 release.



Further detail on the Sales Order Job Processes is included below in the Sales Order Synchronization Details section.


Sales Order Synchronization Details

The integration ships with three defined Processes that can be scheduled for one-time or recurring execution by the OB Process Scheduler: Sales Order synchronization, Product Synchronization and Customer Synchronization.

The Sales Order Synchronization process is performed in two steps.

How to download the Magento Integration

The Magento Integration System is a module, which you can access via the central repository. It consists of a file called com.tds.openbravo.magento-1.0.0.obx (.obx is the standard file extension for Openbravo ERP extension modules).

  1. Log into Openbravo ERP in the System Administrator role.
  2. From the Application Menu, select General Setup > Application > Module Management.
  3. Click Add Modules. The list of modules available to install appears.
  4. Navigate to the Magento Integration Pack.
  5. Click Install Now.
  6. A confirmation box appears. Click Continue to proceed with the installation. The license agreement appears.
  7. Click I accept the license agreement.
  8. Click Continue. Your selected module appears in the list of installed modules.
  9. Click Rebuild now. A new window appears showing the rebuild in progress.
  10. When the rebuild is complete, you must choose an option for how to restart Openbravo ERP. You can choose from the following:
    • Restart the servelet container: restarts Tomcat and reloads the application.
    • Reload the context: reloads only the contexts that have changed.
    • Take no action: does not reload any part of the application. Select this option if you want to manually restart Openbravo ERP later.
  11. Click Continue.

Configuring the Magento Integration System

This document describes step by step the installation & configuration process of the Openbravo ERP – Magento Integration system. The installation process requires to install two additional modules, one on the Openbravo ERP and the other one on the Magento side and to configure settings required by those modules.

ERP-Magento Installation Guide

Source Tree Navigation: ${tomcat}/webapps/magento/config/magento


Package Name: Magento Openbravo Connector - Agility ERP

Contract Type: Perpetual

Price: $3,500

Module ID: MOD10008

Commercial Dependencies: Professional Subscription

Works For: Openbravo ERP 3.0 MP1 Professional Editions and later

Module Footprint:

Databases Supported: PostgreSQL

Languages Included: English

Expertise Required: Integration of this module assumes sufficient technical expertise and understanding of the Openbravo and Magento systems. If required, implementation technical support services are available based through Agility ERP.

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